Greetings, traveler!

This contest is the culmination of thousands of years of warfare, it is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Hats will be made, weapons will be painted, bodily fluids will be spilled. Everyone is invited to create the best eastern themed items for the TF2 workshop. The victor of this contest will be granted a small island*, where they will be able to start their new dynasty.
*Island is actually a digital medal.
Sun Tzu once said "Know thy self, know thy cosmetics. A thousand contests, a thousand victories." Those that succeed in their conquest will be rewarded with these defeat-proof medals. Participants that do not win will receive an inferior, less impressive medal for their efforts.
War. Conquest. Victory. There is no greater way to test the will of man. There is also no better way to award them than with fabulous prizes. Whether you create robes of the smoothest silk or a cap fit for the mightiest ruler, the victor of this event will be showered with the finest jewels, endless wealth, and whatever else the heart desires.*
*Whatever the heart desires must be limited to $60 USD.
1st: $60 Steam Gift
2nd: $40
3rd: $20
1st: $60 Steam Gift
2nd: $40
3rd: $20
War Paints
1st: $30 Steam Gift
2nd: $20
3rd: $10
Map Props
1st: $30 Steam Gift
2nd: $20
3rd: $10
  • Contest ends on June 30th at 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).
  • The provided thumbnail template must be applied to your submission. Also, “Journey to the East” must be included in the page description so we can find your submission easily. Click here for the thumbnail template.
  • You may enter as many submissions as you like but we encourage you to create quality over quantity. Your submissions must also stylistically fit within the TF2 universe and the game's art style.
  • Taunts and unusual effects may be submitted but they will fall under the cosmetics category.
  • Map prop submissions must be posted in this thread.
  • Concept art created before the contest start date may be used.
  • Old workshop items cannot be submitted. However, remakes of previously created items may be submitted if significant improvement on the original work is seen.
  • Copyright infringement or submitting other people's work as your own will not be tolerated and results in disqualification of your submission.
  • No more than 5 contributors are allowed per submission.
  • Winners will be decided by a panel of judges.
How do I get started making TF2 items?

Have a look at the official workshop instructions page which lists tools and tutorials and will answer some of your questions. There's also a guide that can teach you the basics for custom weapons.
Is this official?

Journey to the East is a community-created design contest. It is not affiliated with Valve in any way.
How are medals and prizes distributed?

The medals will be distributed in genuine quality to winners and participants within a week after the winners have been published. Winning teams of multiple contributors have to decide among themselves how they want to split their prizes.
Why isn’t my item in the workshop collection?

All qualifying submissions will be added to the workshop collection. Please contact us on Steam if we missed your item.
Where can I go to share or discuss my ideas for this contest?

Feel free to join the Steam group or visit the Facepunch thread to show off your work.